Only 0.2% of India's software developers have experience building and deploying blockchain-based applications. Dunya Labs is here to reverse that trend.

The Catalyst Series is a unique, hands-on and developer-focused workshop series that guides technologists in understanding, experimenting with, and developing on various blockchain protocols. We are here to demystify blockchain for the developer community - making the vision of Web 3.0 a reality.

Our first Protocol Series will be on EOS, a powerful and live public blockchain for decentralized applications.

Learn about EOS design and architecture, its benefits and controversies, and build on the platform alongside the Dunya Labs team.



Catalyst EOS: Workshop #1

Saturday Nov. 3 2018, 4PM - 7PM

CoWrks RMZ Infinity, Indiranagar, BLR

Overview of EOS

Deploy a smart contract on EOS

Special Guest: CryptoLions

Catalyst EOS: Workshop #2

Saturday Nov. 17 2018, 4PM - 7PM

CoWrks Koramangala, BLR

Default functions of EOS

Smart Contract Design

Special Focus: Coding Quest


Saturday Nov. 24 2018, 10AM - 10PM

CoWrks Koramangala, BLR


Special Guest Judges

Prizes Worth Rs. 70,000 in Total